Parents I've worked with say...

"I am so grateful for this experience. I have gained greater confidence and trust in my parenting- I’ve learned that I’m okay and my children are more than okay. The Starter Class has contributed in positive ways to many areas of my life, not just parenting. I feel more connected to my children and feel such relief that I can let go of the old ideas of disciplining in ways that are of no value to my children. Rachel made sharing our stories in the small group feel safe and supported. Thank you Rachel" Jocelyn France, Clinical Psychologist and mum of two, Bega Valley

"Before the Starter Class my son's tantrums, outbursts and aggression left our family in disarray, distant and disconnected. Now that I've done the training I'm able to meet his needs and support him as well as make my family feel safe and loved during stressful times.

Rachel is an amazing guide. She is able to create a safe space where you can learn the techniques, look at yourself and your family and then supports." Katie Ryan, Mother of four, Bega Valley

"Rachel is patient and warm and inspiring and able to create a supporting group feeling over just a few hours. I loved every minute under her guidance!" Elena Bonel PhD, Mother of Five, Italy

“Learning more about Hand in Hand Parenting with Rachel showed me how important and meaningful it was to connect deeply with my children.  I'd always thought must was possible to have a good relationship with children without the traditional, 'discipline' and 'children are to be seen and not heard' approaches.... but had never quite found the way to, and had maybe not quite had the confidence to fully let go of those traditional ideas.It was the bridge to the softer, deeper and more rewarding connection that I'd been seeking.

Rachel was a wonderful teacher - she gently set boundaries around our time together, and focused us on the material we were there to explore.  Without this we could so easily have diverted into general parenting discussions... there is always so much to share!  Rachel guided us through the course in a relaxed and inspiring way, modelling the listening skills, attention, understanding and focus that we were striving for.  

We learned some wonderful tools to assist us in connecting with our children.  My family as adopted one of these in particular - 'special time' - wholeheartedly.  It has been a joy to discover this tool, it has brought back to my life the pleasure of unhindered play, and most importantly taught me that just ten minutes of quality time with each of my children can make an enormous and meaningful difference to my relationship with each of them.” Sarah Morrison, Mother of three boys and Family Day Care Educator, Bega Valley

“I have loved coming here. I have gained so much from the experience; both learning about the techniques of Hand in Hand Parenting, and also from coming together with other parents and hearing their stories. This sharing has given me such incredible insights into children's behaviour as well as parenting!

I feel more confident and so much more skilled as a parent. I’ve had a few examples recently where I’m reading the situation well, I know what I’m doing, and I’m trusting the techniques because they've worked for me before.

So we had a public tantrum and it was ugly! I know, I saw people looking, it sounded horrible! But I was sitting there thinking “you know, this is what kids do, she’s not even 4” and it was good and the tantrum was short and within moments we [my daughter and I] came back and we connected and we had hugs and we were arm in arm down the supermarket aisle. So I’m just grateful. Plus! Plus!” Erin Moon, Mother of two girls, Bega Valley

“What I appreciate most in finding Hand in Hand Parenting is finding strategies that really resonate with my innate parenting wants. It’s how I want to be as a parent. It embraces that and makes it okay and reinforces it with these wonderful strategies that have labels that you’re consciously applying them, and that reinforces what you’re doing is okay and means you can do it conscientiously.

And the group: I appreciated how it not only reinforce those strategies, but it’s also created that forum and framework for active reflection which is perhaps one of the most beneficial strategies we can use – Listening time. It’s challenging. But you made us do it – against my will! And it’s really very effective and being able to see not only theoretically the benefits of these strategies but apply them, and they’re very achievable strategies to apply, and then seeing almost instantaneous results is incredible. It works and that’s not just a cliché.” Corrie Shepherd, Preschool Educator and Mother of two, Bega Valley

“[Hand in Hand Parneting] sits well with the way I feel I'd like to parent. It’s gentle but strong, and tangible. You get real a handle on it and real tools to work with so you can get out there and do it. It's been great meeting as a group rather than just reading information in booklets. Sharing stories of people's trials and successes in parenting provided support and gave me more hope and trust that it can work. It has also reminded me to keep working at it, to keep trying to integrate it into our family life. I think it's very worthwhile and the course has been really, really good.” Suzi Sequoia, Mum of two boys, Bega Valley

"During the Hand in Hand Parenting course I was amazed every week how much closer I became with my children. Now, after, I have grown as a parent, I feel happier and more confident even during the tough times". Sarah, Mother of two, Bega Valley

"Rachel truly went above and beyond, during and outside the Starter Class. She was so lovely and approachable, while at the same time she had an absolute wealth of knowledge to share. Rachel responded to all of our questions with depth and consistency, while doing it in such a caring and considered way. If required, she responded outside of the course itself with links, articles, quotes and research to ensure we understood the ideas fully. She was teaching us about connection, she made us feel very connected to her. I feel so blessed to have had her run this course" Georgie Bancroft, Mother of three girls and Psychologist, Melbourne

I just finished a 6 week phone class with Rachel Schofield, and I wanted to tell you how wonderful it was. She is so warm, and thoughtful and skilled. She brought so much to the class.  It was a wonderful to be able to practice the skills and get feedback….. thank you to Rachel for a wonderful, wonderful experienceElizabeth, mother of one girl, USA

"I had heard a lot about Hand in Hand Parenting and was interested in their gentle approach to child-rearing. When offered a position in a course ran by one of our contributors, Rachel Schofield, I jumped at the opportunity. It was a 6 week ran as a small group. This was actually really beneficial as you get to listen to other people's issues and how they are dealing with them.....we discussed our thoughts and feelings surrounding each of the topics and how the activities went with our children. I for one gained so many new insights into [my son's] emotions that I do believe our relationship has become much stronger" Kristy Pillinger, mother of one boy and Editor of Nurture - Australia's Natural Parenting Magazine, Brisbane