When Family & Friends Don't Understand Your Parenting

Join Hand in Hand Instructors Rachel Schofield and Emily Gray Murray for this conversation about parenting differently from your own parents, or the parents around you. It's not easy to parent in a new way, but there are simple things you can do to bridge the gap between you and those around you, handle criticism and build your confidence to parent your way.


Saying Sorry

Join Certified Hand in Hand Instructors Rachel Schofield and Roma Norriss as they show you how we can help kids take responsibility for their actions and give heartfelt apologies, that have an impact on others, while navigating social expectations.

Looking for more resources on how to help your kids with making that heartfelt apology? Take a look at at this 7-step plan for supporting kids with heartfelt apologies by Rachel Schofield.

Fill Your Child's Connection Cup

Learn how Special Time works with Stephanie Parker + Rachel Schofield. Hear how they've used it in their families to transform difficult situations + build stronger connections with their children.

The Connected Parent - Special Time

On this free parenting call you will learn:

> How Special Time works and how it builds connection

> How to do Special Time - a step by step guide

> How Special Time can repair a disconnection and help with issues such as sleep struggles/separation difficulties/aggression/sibling rivalry and many others

You can read more in this article "A magical Way to Make Sure Your Child Feels Loved"