Listening Tools Challenge
Are you in?

Do you want to parent your children based on  connection and respect, but find it hard to do that day-in-day out? Then I have something that will help!

I've been thinking about how as parents, we do so much better when we have the support and understanding of those around us. With encouragement and appreciation, we're much more able to parent in the ways we want to. And the ways we parent day-in-day out have such a big impact on our children and how they go out into the world. You deserve to be seen and appreciated for the important work you do! 

In this 2-minute video I talk about the Challenge and how it'll work.

So I'm running a 5-week "Listening Tools Challenge" starting Wednesday 25th October Australia & Europe Time / Tuesday 24th USA time. 

Each week we'll focus on one of the Hand in Hand Parenting Listening Tools - you'll get to learn about the tool, try it out in your family and tell us how it went. You'll get to ask questions and hear other parents stories. Most importantly, you'll get appreciated for the hard work you do day-in-day out.

To take part, join me on the Hand in Hand Parenting Yahoo! Discussion Group.

It's free.
No strings attached (i.e. no promotion at the end).

I hope you can join us!