Ever wish parenting was easier?

"I can give you proven tools and plenty of support so you’re confidently able to tackle parenting challenges + build a close connection with your child" Rachel Schofield, Hand in Hand Parenting Instructor, Member of the Australian Association of Family Therapists

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When Family and Friends Don't understand Your Parenting

When we choose to parent differently to the norm, we add an extra layer of challenge to our already overfull plates. Without the support and backing of family, friends or professionals, the challenging job of caring for our children gets a whole lot tougher. Parents who choose to parent by connection rather than the mainstream rewards and punishment approach often feel isolated in their views.

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Handling Aggression: setting limits with the vigorous snuggle

“Emotions drive a lot of behaviour,” Dr Vicky Flory, a Lecturer in Psychology reminds us. “We don’t see children’s emotions directly, but rather through their behaviour and facial expressions.”  If we watch closely we can notice that aggressive outbursts are driven by feelings that lie deep inside.

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The Magic Potion Game: When You Want to Chat with Friends

Do you ever hope for a good chat with your friend on a play date, and end up with your child clinging to you like glue, interrupting every two seconds? You’re not alone!

You want some adult company and conversation, but then… uggggh. Your child wants to sit on your lap and play with your hair. Or is suddenly starving and needs food... 

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A Powerful Way to Make Sure Your Child Feels Loved – Special Time

A stunning 80% of adults feel like their parents didn’t really love them as a kid (1). Of course, we all love our children beyond words. Sometimes that love gets buried under feelings of overwhelm, exhaustion, loneliness, and worry. Yet deep down we want nothing more than our child to feel cherished and good no matter what their struggles are in life. 

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